Learning Out Loud: Is it the Missing Link in Online Classes?


Join Michelle Pacansky-Brock, author of Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies and associate faculty at Mt. San Jacinto College, as she shares the results of an ongoing study that seeks to discover how online, asynchronous voice discussions affect community college student learning at a distance. Michelle will be joined by one of her former online students who will answer your questions and share her experiences.

In 2008, Michelle’s online teaching studies showed evidence that VoiceThread, a web-based tool that gives users the choice to comment in voice or text, increases online community and enhances the instructor-to-student relationship. But over the years, only 25% of her students regularly selected to comment in voice when given a choice.

In this webinar, Michelle will demonstrate a change she made in her online teaching approach in 2012 which resulted in an increase from 25% to 75% of her students choosing voice comments to participate in class discussions.  Michelle will show samples of the VoiceThread activities and present the students’ feedback about how this rich, humanized, online classroom affected student-to-student relations and comprehension of course material, as well as resulted in students agreeing that their verbal skills improved and their confidence with 21st century communication tools increased.